Monday, July 29, 2013

Manuraptor- race

The manuraptor people are native to the plane of dinosaurs. They are a mixed folk, with a wide variety of ideologies and cultures. They are to their plane what humans are to the mortal realm- ubiquitous and varied.
Personality: Manuraptors are much like humans- adaptable, diverse, and ambitious. They are also just as short lived, which makes them look toward the future rather than the past in most cases. Other than that, every manuraptor is different.
Physical description: They typically are about 4 to 5 feet high, being more bent over than the race of man, but they are very long, often measuring nine to ten feet from the tip of the tail to the tip of the snout. They look like most other members of the Dromaeosauridae family, especially their cousins, the velociraptors, except for one big difference- hands. They have four fingers and a thumb, like most sentient species, although, unlike most other sentients, they have claws. They  come in many colors, depending on where their ancestors came from- mottled green for jungle, yellow for sandy deserts, and grey for rocky coastlines, along with many other camouflage shades. Now that the necessity of blending in is part of the past, new shades have been evolving, and many manuraptors have a penchant for tattoos. They have no hair, but a northern variety is covered in feathers.
Relations: No other intelligent races are native to their plane, but many pass through, making the manuraptors accepting of outsiders, for the most part.
Alignment: Manuraptors of all alignments can be found.
Manuraptor Lands: The plane of dinosaurs is home to many prehistoric beasts. Only a small amount of it is colonized by the manuraptor race, but the areas that are tend to be safe and civilized. Many other races are found in their lands, some having come to the plane accidently, others deliberately. Many pass through their plane on the way to other planes, as it is somewhat of a planar nexus, with many portals and thin spots between the planes.
Religion: Most manuraptors worship Anu Rex, the primary manuraptor god, but some worship Tyrannus, his evil younger brother. However, other gods are worshipped, both native and imported.
Language: Miraculously, most manuraptors speak Common. All also speaks their native, growly tongue, raptor.
Names: Being at a nexus of realities with all sorts of passers through, manuraptor names run the gamut, with some names that are claimed by the parents to be native, and many imported names as well.
Adventurers: Manuraptors adventure for as many reasons as there are manuraptor adventurers.

Manuraptor Racial Traits
Medium-size: As medium-size creatures, humans have no special bonuses or penalties based on size.
Manuraptor base speed is 60 feet.
Automatic Language: Common and raptor. Bonus Languages: Any (other than secret languages like Druidic). Manuraptors pick up the many languages of the races that pass through.
Manuraptors get 4 extra skill points at first level and 1 extra skill point at every level thereafter, because they are fast, versatile learners. 
Attacks: Talons (+0, 1d6).
Favored Class: Any. When determining whether a multiclass manuraptor suffers an XP penalty, the highest-level class doesn’t count.